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‘HE’S EVIL’ Horrified newlywed turns husband in to cops after discovering he secretly filmed kids in KFC toilets

Heartbroken Mollie Clarke, 21, made the shocking discovery after checking Richard Cooper’s phone as it lay charging on the kitchen table.

By Jacob Dirnhuber


A YOUNG mum was forced to turn in her newlywed husband to the police after discovering that he had used hidden cameras to film kids in a KFC toilet.

Heartbroken Mollie Clarke, 21, made the shocking discovery after checking Richard Cooper’s phone as it lay charging on the kitchen table.


She had suspicions he was cheating on her – but instead of finding racy texts from another woman, she came across a trove of women and children using the fast food outlet’s bathroom.

Cancer survivor Mollie immediately turned him into the cops – and told his mum within minutes of the shocking discovery.

When he pleaded guilty in court, she discovered he’d made a video of her using the toilet at home as a “dry run”.

She said: “I realise now the man I thought I was married to didn’t exist. I didn’t know him.


“He put his phone on the charger, told me to not look through it before walking out.

“It had a pass lock on it but I managed to guess it.

“I still don’t know why but I went straight to his videos. Anyone else would have went for messages, but something told me check there.

“The first video I saw was of a child going to the toilet. I just threw the phone down in shock.”

“Within about 20 minutes I was in the car with my sister and going to the police station with his phone in my hand.

But Cooper, of Ballymoney, Co Antrim, walked free from court after a judge handed him a two-year probation order.

Mollie added: “I feel like he’s got away with it to be honest.

“He walked free. The sentence in my eyes was far too lenient.

“He had disgusting videos of a child on his phone. That worries me.

“He’s evil, there is no other word to describe him and in my eyes he should have been jailed.’

“We’d been together about three years when I moved in with him when I was 17.”

Hidden Cameras Targeting Female Workers at South Bay Tech Company

Hidden Cameras Targeting Female Workers at South Bay Tech Company

Many of the women working at the South Bay location are upset with how the company handled things

Women at a South Bay technology company are upset that they weren’t notified earlier about someone using hidden cameras to target female workers.

Two cameras were found hidden under the desks of two female employees at Rohr Inc., a subsidiary of United Technologies Corporation, one of the world’s biggest suppliers of aerospace and defense products. The company has a large campus in Chula Vista.

One employee, who didn’t want to be identified, told NBC 7 many of the women working at this location are upset with how the company handled things.

She said management became aware of the first camera roughly four months ago but didn’t notify employees until a second camera was discovered last week.

She said employees only found out when the company sent out a notice about an internal investigation to find the person or persons responsible for putting small cameras beneath the desks of female co-workers.

She feels like women working there deserved to know immediately so they could’ve been on the lookout themselves.

Laurie Chua, a local human resources consultant and expert witness, said it’s not surprising the company’s management waited to notify employees until a second camera was found.

“From an HR standpoint you want to think that this was just a one-off type of situation the first time it happened, and they would hope they get the camera, they’re probably doing an investigation to find out who did it,” Chua said. “The second time it happened, then I would think more than likely they’re going to tell the employees to be on the lookout for it.”

In a statement to NBC 7, Rohr said it is working with local law enforcement to investigate the incidents and catch the person or persons “responsible for this unacceptable conduct.”

“We take any situation involving employee well-being seriously and this is why we decided to inform our Chula Vista employees in a site-wide communication,” the statement said. “At the same time, we are working to protect the integrity of the investigation.”

Chula Vista Police Department said it has been notified and is working with the company to determine the source but didn’t elaborate on its role in the investigation.

Source: NBC San Diego


A disturbing scandal has recently rocked Italy‘s youth volleyball circuit. A cellphone belonging to a referee was found hidden with its camera turned on inside an arena’s locker room. The event happened during an international tournament involving 250 youngsters from six European countries. The cellphone was found by a player from a Lithuanian team, who immediately went to his coach with the device. The police was called, and even had to protect the 27-year-old referee, who stated that the phone’s camera must have activated by itself, from being attacked.

Here is what the event’s organizer had to say (

“There is a suspicion that something serious may have happened, but we’ll wait for the police to do their job.  We immediately intervened, reporting what happened. We’ll now distance ourselves from the case, letting the police do its job, and we hope that the Italian Volleyball Federation, to which we will send an appropriate report, suspends this referee. I don’t want him referring again.”

The Italian volleyball federation has temporaly suspened the referee while the police investigates the matter:

“This was an unavoidable decision. This is a fact that has never happened since the Federation exists. Now let’s let the investigations take their course. For now, let’s not cast stones at anyone, for everyone is innocent until proven guilty. We’ll await the end of investigations.”

Source: WolleyMob

Man wanted for voyeurism after hidden camera found in Scarborough restaurant washroom

Hidden camera

WATCH ABOVE: Two spy cameras have been discovered inside public washrooms in two Toronto restaurant locations in the past week. Spy camera detectors can be used if you feel your privacy is in question. Tom Hayes reports.

Toronto police are looking to identify a man wanted for allegedly placing a hidden camera in a Scarborough restaurant washroom.

Police said the suspect entered the business located at Midland Avenue and Silver Star Boulevard on May 9 around 6:27 p.m. and affixed a fake wall socket with a hidden camera inside the washroom.

Authorities released a security image of the suspect on Monday.

He is described as Asian, between 25 and 40 years of age, clean-shaven, short black hair and thin-to-medium build.

He was last seen wearing a red sweatshirt/jacket with blue stripes on the sleeves, tan pants and blue shoes.

Police are also investigating a similar incident inside a Starbucks washroom at the corner of Yonge and King streets in downtown Toronto earlier this month.

In that case, police said a camera was discovered in one of the coffee shop’s two unisex bathrooms on the wall behind an electrical outlet, under the sink and facing the toilet.

Anyone with information is asked to contact police at 416-808-4200 or Crime Stoppers anonymously at 416-222-TIPS.

Source: Global News


Police: Espanola man confesses to placing camera in neighbor’s home

Johnny Chacon

ESPANOLA, N.M. (KRQE) – An Espanola man is accused of spying on his female neighbor by planting a camera in an unusual place.

The woman says she went to replace the bottle in her Glade Air Freshener when she found a hidden camera.

When police played the video showing the man who put it there, the woman says she recognized her neighbor, 67-year-old Johnny Chacon.

Police say Chacon admitted to breaking into the woman’s house and swapping out her air freshener for one with a recording device hidden inside.

The woman says she had never invited Chacon into her house and has no idea when he planted the device.

Chacon is charged with voyeurism and breaking and entering. 

Source: KRQE

Racine County Sheriff’s expects hundreds of victims from gymnastics coach with hidden cameras

RACINE COUNTY, Wis. (CBS 58) — The Racine County Sheriff’s Office has released new information about the gymnastics coach accused of setting up a hidden camera to watch people undress and go to the bathroom. 

According to the Sheriff, James Kivisto had 803 registered children at his gymnastics facility, Wind Lake Gymnastics Center, since it opened in 2007. Kivisto has been around Milwaukee and Racine Counties since 1987. 

49-year-old Kivisto is facing ten felony counts of child porn.

The Sheriff’s Office has already received 150 phone calls of parents and children worried they might be victims. The Sheriff expects hundreds of victims. They discovered over 100 inappropriate images on Kivisto’s devices which he admitted to viewing.

In an interrogation, Kivisto said he did not distribute the images but the Sheriff’s Office has not been able to confirm that information. 

Over the coming weeks and months the Sheriff’s Office expects it will conduct hundreds of interviews with possible victims and their families. Anyone who thinks they may have been impacted or anyone who ever went to Wind Lake Gymnastics Center is asked to call a hotline at 262-636-3990.

Kivisto told officials that he was arrested by Glendale Police in 1999 for child porn. The FBI was brought in and charges were referred to the Milwaukee County DA. What happened after that referral is unknown, but Kivisto was not registered as a sex offender.

The Milwaukee County DA’s Office sent CBS 58 this statement:

“This office routinely charges cases like the matter involving Mr. Kivisto in 1999. I have no further information about that charging decision from 19 years ago.This office routinely charges cases like the matterinvolving Mr. Kivisto in 1999.  I have no further information about thatcharging decision from 19 years ago.”

The hidden cameras were found by a family cleaning up after a party that was held at the Gymnastics Center.

No assaults were ever reported regarding Kivisto and officials never received a complaint. 

Kivisto was the owner/operator of the Gymnastics Center where he also lived. He was never married and had no children. He is being held on $150,000 cash bond. He is due in court next on March 21.


By: Justin Thompson-Gee
Source: CBS 58

GBI investigates recording device found inside Worth Co. Jail

SYLVESTER, Ga. (WALB) — The Georgia Bureau of Investigation is looking into the discovery of a possibly illegal recording device inside the Worth County Jail.

The Tifton Judicial Circuit District Attorney’s Office was notified late last month of a device in the privileged attorney-client interview room at the jail.

Prosecutors say it was installed at the direction of now suspended Sheriff Jeff Hobby.

Attorney Mark Brimberry says Georgia Law explicitly prohibits a person recording a conversation in which he or she is not a party to.

But it’s obviously illegal to record a privileged conversation between an attorney and a client.

“That’s wrong, it should not have happened,” said Brimberry. “We’re talking about a recording device which they know when they put it in there and they certainly turned it on they knew they were violating the law.”

No interviews have been done in the room since the device was found.

It is now being looked at by the GBI Child Exploitation and Computer Crimes Unit.

Video Source: Walb News

Source: WSAV

Man arrested for hidden cameras in woman’s home

  • A man in his 20s was booked without detention for installing cameras in and outside a woman’s home, Busan local police said Tuesday.

  • The man is charged with entering the victim’s residence 12 times while it was empty and installing the hidden cameras inside the home.

According to the police, the man spotted the victim in January around the Haeundae neighborhood in Busan and tracked her to home. The man installed a camera in the form of a black box outside the woman’s door to discern the code to the door lock.

The 27-year-old is also being charged with hanging pornographic pictures on her door twice.

The man, masked and gloved, was caught by a neighbor who saw him inside the woman’s house on Feb. 16. The man reportedly admitted to his actions during interrogation when presented with CCTV footage.

Police said “the hidden cameras were so small that it was not easy to discover them unless you looked very closely.”

Source: The Korea Herald

Man facing sex charges accused of secretly videotaping child

NEWARK – A man already charged with multiple sexual offenses was charged Friday with allegedly videotaping a child without her knowledge using a hidden camera.

Cole R. Collins, 21, of St. Louisville, was charged with illegal use of a minor in nudity oriented materials, a second-degree felony, Friday in Licking County Common Pleas Court.

According to court records, Collins is suspected of hiding a camera in the bedroom of a teenager sometime in July 2016. The camera was reportedly discovered Thursday and the memory card from the camera turned over to detectives.

Court records indicate the camera contained multiple videos of the teen girl in varying states of nudity.

Collins is already under indictment for gross sexual imposition, importuning, public indecency and attempted gross sexual imposition in a separate case.

In that case, Collins is accused of asking a minor child to engage in sexual conduct with him in December. 

“The defendant pulled down his pants and underwear and exposing his bare penis to the victim,” according to the court records.

During a bond hearing Friday, Magistrate Mattie Klein set Collins’ bond at $100,000 in the new case and ordered him to have no contact with the victim and no unsupervised contact with anyone under the age of 18.

Bethany Bruner, Reporter

Source: Newark Advocate

Engineer sues after allegedly finding hidden camera on oil rig

The engineer, who is calling herself Jane Doe, alleges she was secretly recorded in 2015 while working on Deepwater Invictus.

An engineer has filed a million dollar lawsuit, claiming she found a hidden camera in her bedroom on an offshore oil rig.

The civil lawsuit was filed in Harris County against Transocean Offshore Deepwater Drilling, BHP Billiton Petroleum and Schlumberger.

The engineer, who is calling herself Jane Doe, alleges she was secretly recorded in 2015 while working on Deepwater Invictus.

“When she went out to her hitch, she has a bedroom that’s hers. Its private to her. She discovered a coat hanger,” said Kurt Arnold, her attorney.

He says the hanger was in Jane’s room for a couple days, then disappeared. It later showed up in another woman’s room, according to the lawsuit.

Arnold alleges the second female employee realized the coat hanger was a spy camera, then went to management.

“At the time, you had a captive crime scene. If they had just gotten authorities out there, locked things down. You had the perpetrator, you had the evidence. That was the time to catch the perpetrator,” said Arnold.

Arnold claims there was no criminal investigation, even after the defendants discovered the employee who allegedly installed the spy camera.

“It’s not only an issue of a spy camera being placed in a young lady’s room, it’s an issue of what these offshore companies didn’t do. They require everybody leave their doors unlocked. They have no cameras in the hallways,” said Arnold.

Although Schlumberger generally doesn’t comment on litigation, a spokesperson sent the following statement Tuesday due to “the profound lack of supporting facts” in the case.

“There is absolutely no evidence that anyone actually took any videos or photos of Ms. Doe in her room or anywhere else on the drilling vessel. Indeed, the hidden camera referred to in this case was not even found in Plaintiff’s room. Immediately following the discovery of the camera by another employee, an investigatio was conducted. Various law enforcement authorities were contacted following the discovery of the camera, but none of those authorities launched any further investigation.”

However, Jane Doe’s attorney claims she was so emotionally impacted by the incident, she can no longer work offshore.

“If they had answered some basic questions, done the right thing, and locked down the rig, and called the authorities, we wouldn’t be here,” said Arnold. “If this were to happen onshore with all the various things you hear about on the news, it would be an extremely big deal. I think the fact that it happened offshore, it’s almost easier for them to push it aside.”

The trial date has been set for March 19.

Author: Stephanie Whitfield
Source: KHOU11