If your privacy is compromised, it’s essential to hire a professional bug sweep company.

Shapestones’s TSCM Bug Sweep services are performed by experts, professionally trained and highly skilled TSCM specialists. We has the technical knowledge and best and most advanced counter espionage equipment.

Our TSCM surveys are designed to discover and detect any hidden eavesdropping devices that compromise your IP, privacy, data, communication and business.

If you feel that you may have been the victim of an eavesdrop attack, under surveillance or you are proactively protect your information, we can help disarm the threat and restore your peace of mind.

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Home Privacy Protection Bug Sweep designed specifically for Women

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Residential TSCM Bug Sweep

Believing someone is watching your private activity or your home or car is being bugged can be very stressful, Privacy is important in personal spaces. That’s why Residential TSCM Bug Sweep service are so important.

Shapestones works with our Private Clients providing accredited, professional, eavesdropping detection. Our technical bug sweeps identify and locate hidden cameras, audio bugs, wireless devices, recording units and tracking devices.

We use the same physical methods, Government grade technical equipment, Methodology, and Discretion that our business clientele receive. Our Residential TSCM Bug Sweep service are your best choice for specialist eavesdropping detection. We restore your Peace of Mind and Privacy!

Hotel Bug Sweep

For the most exclusive traveller, we offer a dedicated Counter Surveillance Bug Sweep package services which protects your business or leisure accommodation from the most advanced technical threats. We restore your Peace of Mind.

– Professional –

– Discreet –

– Providing total Privacy –

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Movie Production

Shapestones Ltd was founded with one main objective and that is protect and ensure your Intellectual Property.

IP shapes each stage of the movie production industry, from script to screen. We are the perfect solution to protect your creative assets from technical business espionage and personal criminal conduct.

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Vehicle Bug & Tracking Devices Inspection

Within minutes, a tracking or eavesdropping device can be placed in your vehicle and remain virtually undetectable to the untrained eye. We can conduct vehicle sweeps to detect any hidden devices fitted to your vehicle.

Landline Phone Tap & Bug Detection

If someone has put a bug or a tap on the line, you deserve to know. Our TSCM experts can test the phone lines to determine if a microphone or audio bug is active and listening to your communication. We give you real-time information about your true level of privacy.


RF MappingSpectrum Analysis
Thermal Emission Spectrum Analysis
Lens Detector Analysis
RF Detection & Direction Finding
NLJD Inspection
Speaker Test
IR and Visible Light Test
Conductors Carrier Current Test
Borescope Inspection
Physical Inspection

Our TSCM Bug Sweep will determine if there have been any hidden spy devices installed in your home, office, or vehicle. We use specialist Methods (Analysis – Tests – Inspections) to Detect, Identify and Locate any unwanted surveillance devices up to TSCM Threat Level 9.

Our experienced TSCM Specialists and Counter-espionage professionals are ready to assist you, they will help you restore your privacy.

If you suspect you are the victim of eavesdropping, every minute you wait the attacker is stealing more of your valuable data. Contact Shapestones for a professional TSCM Bug Sweep today!

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