Private investigation prices

Private investigator costs vary and the client’s specific needs have to be identified to provide an exact quote, we always provide itemized quotes before starting work, These quotes include a complete breakdown of each component of the private detective costs.

It’s important to discuss with you to fully explore the unique nature of your case. At your convenience, we do this either over the phone, by email or an informal meeting (free of charge). This allows us to explore the most cost-effective way to investigate each case.

Once we have discussed your case, we are able to estimate the timescale and quote that we will need to resolve each case. At this point, we will agree to a clear budget with the client.

The cost of every investigation is different and will depend upon a number of factors including:

• The number of investigators required
• When the investigation takes place (daytime, through the night or weekend)
• The need for any special equipment

Flat fee for services such:

• tracing cell phone number
• vehicle registration search
• criminal record search
• GPS tracking monitoring

A deposit is required to be applied against fees for services fee and expenses depending on specific services. The following factors help to determine the deposit amount:

• travel involved
• airline/hotel costs
• estimated number of surveillance hours
• location
• urgency



Private Investigator Weekday Day-time
(8am-8pm, Mon-Fri)
Weekday Night-time
(8pm-8am, Mon-Fri)
min 5 hours 35 £/hour 45 £/hour 60 £/hour
Mileage (car or motorcycle) 55 p/mile
GPS tracking 60 £/day 380 £/Week (24/7)


*Mileage from office to deployment address, outside M25 ring hourly charge 30 £/h for travel time.

Mobile Phone tracing £220

We will provide you with the following:

• Full name

• Registered Address

• Length of occupancy at the current address

• DOB where available

• Any other contact numbers or email addresses for the subject where available

We normally need 72 hours to complete our investigations.

Locate people address £55 24 hour result
Company director Home address £85  
International address trace £160  


If you would like to discuss any of our Private Investigation and Surveillance services with us, give us a call on 02087935563 or send us an email to to receive a free no obligation quote or to arrange an informal meeting to discuss your needs.