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Shapestones works on many different types of cases: domestic surveillance, possibly involving threats from stalkers or former partners; civil investigations; fraud; divorce investigations; infidelity; drug abuse; physical or sexual abuse; child custody matters; or any general legal issues who that requires professional support for the concerned parties to emerge as winners.

No issue is too minor or complex: if you’re experiencing any of these difficulties, we can support you before the problem gets worse, and advise on the most effective ways to get the answers you need. If you decide to go ahead you are assured that our expert private technical investigators provide a full range of professional & discreet services, using the most sophisticated investigative foolproof technologies and methods, which have the ability to document the information and evidence you need to solve your problem.

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Our services include but are not limited to:

Technical Surveillance / Covert CCTV

A primary reason why someone may hire a private technical investigator is to to gather legal evidence in support of your position in civil investigations.

Installing a covert CCTV can provide accurate and true evidence. However, there are regulations and rules to follow to avoid costly conseguences. DPA’s (Data Protection Act) domestic purposes exemption and Article 8 of The Human Rights Atc 1998 should be considered if you wish to install a covert CCTV.

We strongly recommend that you use a professional covert camera installer who can advise on the legalities of the investigation and carry out the covert surveillance without fear of breaking the law.

Domestic Investigations

Our private technical investigators provide information, records, and surveillance for issues that affect families like divorce, infidelity, drug abuse, physical or sexual abuse, child custody, from various sources as the internet, personal devices, covert camera surveillance, and more.

Shapestones also offers a wide range of  security services that increase your safety and strengthens your case:

› Hidden surveillance
› Personal security
› Forensic examinations
› Vehicle tracking
› Site security
› Bug sweep
› Protection

We have many years experience, from providing large scale security services in high profile companies to CCTV installations for private home owners. Whatever the size and specification of your needs, we will advise you on the best strategy to help you.


Evidence gathered by a private technical investigator is completely legal and usually admissible in court as long as it has been amassed legally. Once we have gathered all the available evidence, we will present it in a comprehensive report that is admissible for use at courts and tribunal. We will also give testament to that evidence if necessary.

A common application is for civil investigations that require investigators to gather evidence for trials and hearings, and can span a variety of cases, including domestic surveillance, workers compensation, asset searches, missing persons, and more.

TSCM / Bug Sweep

If you suspect that someone may be secretly filming or recording in your home or vehicle, read more about how a bug sweep works and what it entails.

Shapestones is able to detect and identify any device up to TSCM Threat Level 9, and we do this by using our top professional counter-espionage equipment such as REI technical equipment (REI is leaders in equipment manufacture, research and training for counter-espionage).

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For the most exclusive traveller, we offer a dedicated Counter Surveillance Bug Sweep package services which protects your business or leisure accommodation from the most advanced technical threats. We restore your Peace of Mind.

Hotel Bug Sweep


Our company was founded with one main objective and that is to provide professional solutions to your challenges.

All our operatives have Army/Law Enforcement backgrounds with years of experience and were trained in the U.S. and Italy.

It is the value of hard work, professionalism and discretion that has built our reputation over 5 years in the UK security industry, and more than 20 years worldwide.

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Surveillance and Counter-Surveillance News

Read all of the latest global news on private surveillance, corporate espionage, eavesdropping and Technical Surveillance Counter-measures (TSCM).

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