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Fast-response counter-espionage bug sweep service for companies, lawyers, governmental institutions, financial and banking. 

Espionage is a real and growing problem in the UK and Europe. An estimated £21 billion per year in the UK alone is lost due to industrial espionage. It doesn’t just affect large companies – an increasing number of smaller organisations fall victim to industrial espionage, where their intellectual property turns up in the hands of their competitors.

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The CEO never sleeps!

If your business follows you everywhere, this is the perfect “peace of mind” specialized solution which protects your business in any workplace, from home to the office.

Service include:

• CEO / Director offices
• Secretary rooms
• Meeting rooms
• Vehicles
• Residential offices


We will carry out inspections with all the equipment necessary to debug any environment or office. The survey will detect and locate any existing electronic eavesdropping device, ensuring your privacy and safeguarding your intellectual property.


If someone has put a bug or a tap on the line, you deserve to know. Our TSCM experts can test the phone lines to determine if a microphone or audio bug is active and listening to your communication. We give you real-time information about your true level of privacy.


Within minutes, a tracking or eavesdropping device can be placed in your vehicle and remain virtually undetectable to the untrained eye. We can conduct vehicle sweeps to detect any hidden devices fitted to your vehicle.


  •  RF MappingSpectrum Analysis


  •  Thermal Emission Spectrum Analysis


  •  Lens Detector Analysis


  •  RF Detection & Direction Finding


  •  NLJD Inspection


  •  Speaker Test


  • IR and Visible Light Test


  •  Conductors Carrier Current Test


  •  Borescope Inspection


  •  Physical Inspection


  •  Phone Tests, Analysis & Inspection



  • Financial services & Banks


  • High-Tech industry


  • Pharmaceuticals, Biotech & Chemicals


  • Lawyers


  • Mining


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(i.e.: Room 1. CEO office, 20ft * 20ft - Room 2. Secretary, 2 desks position, 16*14 ft)

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