If you’re concerned about your intellectual property or the security of your business, get in touch. We work across Greater London and are based in Crystal Palace.

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(i.e.: Room 1. CEO office, 20ft * 20ft - Room 2. Secretary, 2 desks position, 16*14 ft)

The following advice is precautionary in order to ensure possible attacker is alerted. All information will always be held in strict confidence, and will never be disclosed without a client’s express permission.

Do not discuss your suspicions with anyone within your circle of influence.

Contact us from a place outside of the target area (areas you suspect may have been bugged).

If you are concerned that your mobile phone, landline or computer has been compromised, use a safe device away from your office or home, i.e. use a friend’s phone, library’s computer, cyber cafe, etc

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