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Our services offer reliable and secure solutions to solve your business issues. Shapestones only utilize sophisticated equipment used by highly-trained operators.

We operate in London and England, 24 hours a day. Whether you need to conduct an internal investigation, improve the counter espionage procedures, or feel that you may have been the victim of an eavesdropping attack, your movements are being monitored by surveillance tracking devices or your phone conversations are being tapped, we have a range of technical solutions to restore your peace of mind.

Do your security measures keep your data and intellectual property safe?

Do they protect your business from security breaches and unauthorized activity?

Are you being bugged, monitored or GPS-tracked?

Using our expertise and specialist counter-surveillance equipment – such as bug sweeping – we’ll assess all the potential risks to your business and recommend the most suitable package of security measures.

Our services

Private Investigation

Our private investigators provide information, records, surveillance, and investigate issues that affect your business. A list of the some of the problems we can assist you with are:

» Fraud
» Intelligence (OSINT)
» Mystery Shopper
» Criminal Investigation
» Counter-Surveillance/Espionage
» Debtor Tracing
» Background Checks
» GPS Vehicle Tracking
» Surveillance

If you suspect that someone may be secretly filming or recording in your home or vehicle, read more about how a bug sweep works and what it entails.

Shapestones is able to detect and identify any device up to TSCM Threat Level 9, and we do this by using our top professional counter-espionage equipment such as REI technical equipment (REI is leaders in equipment manufacture, research, and training for counter-espionage).

Read more about Warning signs

Professional Bug Sweep

Technical Surveillance / Undercover CCTV

If you suspect a specific crime such as theft is being committed in the workplace, and as a result, you plan to involve the police, covert CCTV could be a primary tool to gather legal evidence in support of your position.

Installing a covert CCTV can provide accurate and true evidence. However, there are regulations and rules to follow to avoid costly consequences. DPA’s (Data Protection Act) domestic purposes exemption and Article 8 of The Human Rights Atc 1998 should be considered if you wish to install a covert CCTV.

We strongly recommend that you use a professional covert camera installer who can advise on the legalities of the investigation and carry out the covert surveillance without fear of breaking the law.


Evidence gathered by a private technical investigator is completely legal and usually admissible in court as long as it has been amassed legally. Once we have gathered all the available evidence, we will present it in a comprehensive report that is admissible for use at courts and tribunal. We will also give testament to that evidence if necessary.

A common application is for civil investigations that require investigators to gather evidence for trials and hearings and can span a variety of cases, including frauds, workers compensation, asset searches, and more.

Movie Production

IP shapes each stage of the movie production industry, from script to screen. We technical security solutions to protect your creative assets from business espionage and personal criminal conduct.

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Security Consultant

We conduct surveys and technical security evaluations and provides recommendations to mitigate risks and improve existing security protocols.

How we can help your business:

• Conduct analyses and recommend solutions to a variety of complex technical surveillance and counter-surveillance detection or other technical vulnerabilities

• Provide recommendations and guidance for facilities under construction.

• Complete written reports and security briefings.

• Analyze complex physical and technical security issues and provide cost-effective recommendations that meet policy requirements.

We provide a suite of products to business operators, film productions, hotels, and are designed to provide an all-inclusive TSCM solution. Contact us with your specific demands.

Private Investigators

Bug Sweep Specialist

Undercover CCTV

Available 24/7


Our company was founded with one main objective and that is to protect and ensure your privacy.

All our operatives have Army/Law Enforcement backgrounds with years of experience and were trained in the U.S. and Italy to be able to detect and identify any device up to TSCM Threat Level 9.

We do this by using our top professional counter-espionage equipment such as REI technical equipment (REI is leaders in equipment manufacture, research, and training for counter-espionage).

It is the value of hard work, professionalism, and discretion that has built our reputation over 5 years in the UK security industry, and more than 20 years worldwide.

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Bug Sweep Equipment

Our technology, our training and the use of government laboratory grade equipment as REI (Research Electronics International) that is considered the standard within our government and the governments around the world. The kind of equipment that we use includes spectrum analyzers 24 Ghz REI Oscor Green, Non-Linear Junction Detectors REI Orion, broadband detectors and just a wide variety of tools necessary for corporate, commercial, law enforcement, and government technical surveillance countermeasure (TSCM) operations.


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