Counter Surveillance Services

Our Experienced Operatives road map tactics and execute technical and physical counter-surveillance measures that detect and prevent surveillance, covert surveillance and protect our client's interests.

Businesses and Individuals can settle for a proactive approach and act to prevent dangers leaking of confidential information before they happen, or a reactive approach, in which they respond to warning signs or security breach.

Proactive approach in indicated if you are involved in a legal trial, business who own juicy information, individuals in separation/divorce or victim of stalking.

Who set under surveillance a business, organisation or individual could be linked commonly to business competitors, legal investigation, press, stalker, cheating workers, or criminal activity. Also, modern surveillance technologies are highly discreet, highly capable and very difficult to locate without a broad set of professional equipment.

Our Counter-surveillance services involve only the most advanced TSCM techniques (Technical Surveillance Counter Measures) and Bug Sweeping Equipment. Fully Confidential Service.

Bug Sweeping / TSCM

Professional bug sweeping is an essential task of a countersurveillance operation. Solutions to business, residential and vehicle security, quick response.

Covert Surveillance

2 to 8 man Counter Surveillance experienced teams supplying physical and technical Covert Surveillance Services. Our security experts will be able to create a surveillance system designed perfectly to fit your business/personal objectives and obtain juicy information. Our services include conventional and technical surveillance. We develop and install advanced surveillance technology as customized hidden cameras, listening devices, GPS tracking and surveillance devices.

Meeting Live Monitoring

We provide TSCM live monitoring of meetings, conferences and private events to protection of your confidential information.

TSCM Advice & Set-up

Designed TSCM proactively protect the security of your information.

Private Investigators

We conduct civil and criminal investigations to protect you and your organisation from theft, criminal activity and fraud.
When you hire us, you’re going to benefit from a team with the experience, knowledge, and skills to solve your problem.

Shielded Rooms

Supports clients on the creation of shielded rooms where the most sensitive conversations and negotiations can taking place privately.

TSCM Equipment

TSCM independent equipment advice.

 Timing is critical to success, talk to one of our experts.

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