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The person who discovered the wallet believes it housed a pinhole camera

Hamilton police detectives are trying to unravel a mystery after a strange electronic device was[nbsp_tc]discovered hidden in a wallet left near a playground in an east end park.

By[nbsp_tc]Adam Carter

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A Reddit user[nbsp_tc]who said[nbsp_tc]they discovered the wallet posted that[nbsp_tc]they believe[nbsp_tc]it housed a pinhole camera and a battery, but police were not able to confirm that Friday afternoon.

“We’re not sure what this is,” Const. Lorraine Edwards told CBC News. “We can’t confirm that it’s a camera.”

Police say the wallet was found by park staff at Sam Mason Park near Queenston Road and Nash Road North.

Reddit user Jdm67 posted photos of the wallet Friday morning.

The poster said he or she[nbsp_tc]opened up the wallet looking for a driver’s licence, but instead found what the poster[nbsp_tc]believed to be[nbsp_tc]a pinhole camera, a[nbsp_tc]battery, and a[nbsp_tc]memory[nbsp_tc]card.

“It was set up near the playground with a hole for the camera to view through,” the post reads.

“It was still on, and it seemed like it may be streaming because the WiFi light was on still.”

Edwards said investigators are now trying to figure out who left the wallet there and why.[nbsp_tc][nbsp_tc]

She also said a wallet seems like an odd choice to house a device to surreptitiously record someone.

“If somebody meant harm by this, a wallet is the first thing that would be picked up at a park,” she said.[nbsp_tc]