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Freezing of case time-outs after 1st ruling being considered[br_tc][br_tc]Redazione ANSA

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(ANSA) – Rome, July 11 – Justice Minister Alfonso Bonafede said Wednesday that the government will sink a reform of the use of wiretaps in investigations that was approved by the previous centre-left administration. “The wiretap reform will be stopped because the modifications introduced appear a harmful step back on the road to quality and effectiveness in investigations,” Bonafede told the Senate’s justice committee.[br_tc][nbsp_tc][nbsp_tc][nbsp_tc] The reform was in response to years of rows over the publication of wiretaps of people not involved in probes, embarrassing them without due cause.[br_tc][nbsp_tc][nbsp_tc][nbsp_tc] Bonafede also said he the 5-Star Movement/League government wants to change to Italy’s statute of limitations to prevent people getting off simple because their cases have timed out, saying this was “fundamental priority”.[br_tc][nbsp_tc][nbsp_tc][nbsp_tc] He said one option was for the time-out periods to be frozen after a first-instance ruling on a case.[br_tc][nbsp_tc][nbsp_tc][nbsp_tc][br_tc][nbsp_tc][br_tc]ALL RIGHTS RESERVED © Copyright ANSA