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The co-owner of Aquatic Adventures, 3940 Lyman Drive, said he is “devastated” after an employee was arrested on charges related to voyeurism after allegedly filming a teenage lifeguard changing clothes.

“Nothing like this has ever happened (in the 12 years we’ve operated). … We are devastated for everyone affected by it,” said Gordon Jablonka.

Hilliard Division of Police officers arrested Justin Francis Budding, 22, of Stonehill Street in Hilliard on Dec. 20.

Budding was arraigned Dec. 21 in Franklin County Municipal Court on three felony charges stemming from the incident: single counts of illegal use of a minor in nudity-oriented material, a second-degree felony; pandering obscenity involving a minor, a fourth-degree felony; and voyeurism, a fifth-degree felony.

A bond was set for $35,000 and was posted, according to court records.

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Budding is scheduled for a preliminary hearing at 9:30 a.m. Dec. 29.

A condition of his bond prohibits him from the possession of GoPro cameras, according to court records.

Staff members at the center discovered a GoPro camera in a private changing area on the evening of Dec. 10, Jablonka said.

The camera belonged to Aquatic Adventures and was a backup device that had been left unattended to recharge after use at a holiday event, he said.

The camera was placed in an area used by employees to film a 17-year-old female lifeguard, Jablonka said. It is believed to have been used only once in the reported incident, he said.

The initial police investigation indicated Budding focused on recording one individual rather than the general public, Hilliard Lt. Ron Clark said.

Security video from the swim center showed Budding handling the GoPro prior to it being found, Clark said, and officers believe he synced his phone to the camera.

Budding also told police he placed the camera in the room, and after agreeing to a search of cellphone, officers found videos of child pornography.

[nbsp_tc][br_tc]Aquatic Adventures released a statement crediting its staff for doing “an incredible job in identifying the situation” and because of their reaction “secured the camera in advance of (Budding) gaining access to it.”

Only Hilliard police viewed the contents of the camera, according to the statement.

Jablonka said Budding worked part-time at Aquatic Adventures for the past two years while he attended college and a records check came back clean on Budding when he was hired.

Aquatic Adventures fronts Cemetery Road just west of Interstate 270 and provides such services as swimming lessons and scuba certification.