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A Roseville man was arrested last week after detectives connected him to a camera that had been hidden in a public women’s bathroom of a store, according to a news release from Roseville Police Department.

On Dec. 9, an employee of a store in the 1800 block of Douglas Boulevard found a video camera hidden in the women’s bathroom. The employee immediately removed the camera from its hiding place, and the business notified Roseville police. Detectives investigated and identified 30-year-old Aditya Vichare, of Roseville, as a suspect. They also determined that the camera had been placed in the restroom just a few hours before the employee discovered and removed it.

The camera had recorded video, but it was stored on the camera and had not yet been seen by Vichare. Vichare was not an employee and had no other known connection to the store, other than going there to hide the camera.

On Dec. 13, detectives contacted Vichare and arrested him on suspicion of using a minor to produce child pornography, because two of the victims secretly videotaped in the bathroom were juveniles. He was also arrested on suspicion of surreptitiously videotaping and recording people in a place where they had an expectation of privacy.

A news release on Dec. 14 said Vichare was being held without bail in the Placer County Jail, but on Wednesday the jail roster showed he was no longer in custody.

Source: Press Tribune