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• Chiropractor pleaded guilty to 216 sex crimes including indecent assault[br_tc]• He secretly filmed hundreds of patients as young as 11 undressing at his clinic[br_tc]• Confessed to friends he was a sex addict and claimed to have filmed 400[br_tc]• His identity is suppressed despite guilty plea until he faces court next month

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A sex addicted chiropractor secretly filmed hundreds of patients, including children, undressing in his practice using a camera hidden in a clock.

The 50-year-old, who can’t be named, pleaded guilty to 216 sex crimes as 30 of his victims packed the[nbsp_tc]Adelaide Magistrates Court on Tuesday.

He filmed patients including women and children as young as 11 getting undressed before sessions between 2012 and earlier this year.

The cameras were hidden in a digital clock and a pen near an x-ray machine in the changeroom of his practice in eastern Adelaide.

He also filmed the genitals of some patients with a camcorder as he worked on them.

Police found more victims with each of his court appearances, rising from 56 charges in August to more than 200 within a few months.

The number could be double that as the court heard the accused told a friend he filmed more than 400 people over four years.

The former chiropractor claimed to his friend he was a sex addict and used the videos for sexual gratification.

He also pleaded guilty to one count of indecent assault, and attacked a patient after she grabbed his camera and he tried to retrieve it.

All up his crimes included[nbsp_tc]indecent filming, producing child pornography, possessing child exploitation material, and indecent assault.

He was originally given home detention after his mother put up $40,000 bail, but it was revoked in October.

Chief Magistrate Mary-Louise Hribal ruled the alleged crimes were too serious and the prosecution case was too strong for him to be released.

A suppression order on his identity was expected to be lifted when he next appeared in court in January when the prosecution would present more evidence.


Source: Daily Mail