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• Airbnb guest Ron Rothman allegedly planted cameras in the bathroom to secretly watch roommates

• The host filed a complaint after she noticed that his iPhone was using an app called Cambush, which enables recording to occur using motion-detection

• Rothman admitted the iPhone was his and has since been arrested by police[nbsp_tc]

• Airbnb released a statement confirming Rothman has been permanently banned

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An Airbnb guest allegedly planted cameras in the bathroom of an apartment in New York City[nbsp_tc]so he could secretly watch his two roommates on the toilet and in the shower.

Ron Rothman, 44, supposedly hid the cameras in the three-bedroom apartment[nbsp_tc]on Mulberry Street hosted by a woman and her roommate.

The secret devices were allegedly planted by Rothman Monday while he was staying in one of the rooms.[nbsp_tc]

Police say the cameras were made to look like cellphone chargers and were equipped with remote-viewing capability.

Apparently when Rothman arrived the host noticed an iPhone inside a backpack, with its camera positioned toward the toilet.[nbsp_tc]

The Airbnb host told police she became concerned when Rothman asked about her and her roommate’s bathroom habits.

He especially wanted to know the particular times they would go to the bathroom.

In a complaint she filed Wednesday the host revealed said found a recording device plugged into the electrical outlet.

She claimed she noticed his iPhone was using an app called Cambush, which enables recording to occur using motion-detection.

Rothman admitted the iPhone was his and was consequently arrested and charged with unlawful surveillance, regarded as a felony.

Airbnb spokesman Jeff Henry released a statement with regards to this situation saying the company has offered to assist law enforcement in its investigation, while also confirming[nbsp_tc]Rothman has been permanently banned from the Airbnb community.

‘Airbnb takes privacy extremely seriously and there is absolutely no place in our community for this kind of illegal and outrageous behavior,’ Henry said.[nbsp_tc]

The policy of Airbnb policy states cameras are not allowed in bathrooms or bedrooms.

Any other cameras must be disclosed ahead of time.

Source: Daily Mail