TSCM Specialists – Shapestones has the technical knowledge and the latest counter espionage equipment to discover and detect any hidden eavesdropping devices that compromise your IP, privacy, communication and business.

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Bug Sweep Specialists – Available 24/7 – London, UK & World Wide

TSCM Services

Our bug sweep services offer reliable and secure solutions to your business, home and vehicles.
Shapestones only utilise sophisticated equipment used by highly-trained operators.

We operate in London, the UK, and worldwide, 24 hours a day. Whether you feel that you may have been the victim of an eavesdropping attack, your movements are being monitored by surveillance bugs or your phone conversations are being recorded, we are the perfect solution to restore your peace of mind.

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Home Privacy Protection Bug Sweep designed specifically for Women

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  • For:


  • Financial services & Banks


  • High-tech industry


  • Pharmaceuticals, Biotech & Chemicals


  • Lawyers


  • Mining


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  • For:


  • Separation & Divorce


  • Victims of stalking


  • Neighbour disputes


  • Trials


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  • For:


  • Business trips


  • Royal Families


  • Dragons & Sharks


  • Conferences & meetings



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  • For:


  • Filming on location


  • TV & Entertainment industry


  • Production offices


  • Screenings



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Our company was founded with one main objective and that is to protect and ensure your privacy.

All our operatives have Army/Law Enforcement backgrounds with years of experience and were trained in the U.S. and Italy to be able to detect and identify any device up to TSCM Threat Level 9.

We do this by using our top professional counter-espionage equipment such as REI technical equipment (REI is leaders in equipment manufacture, research and training for counter-espionage).

It is the value of hard work, professionalism and discretion that has built our reputation over 5 years in the UK security industry, and more than 20 years worldwide.

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REI Oscor Green TSCM Bug Sweep REI Orion NLJD - Shapestones Ltd REI Oscor Green - Shapestones Ltd REI Orion NLJD - Shapestones REI Oscor Green - Shapestones Ltd

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Read all of the latest global news on corporate espionage, eavesdropping and Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM).

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