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We are private investigators and bug sweep specialists. We work with both private clients and business people.

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How we can help you

Private investigators

We carry out private investigations that need specialist technical equipment.

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We investigate civil and domestic disputes, criminal activity on and offline, fraud, corporate investigation.

We also help you:

• Tracing people
• Commercial and corporate investigations
• Background checks
• Identity checks
• Drug & alcohol tests
• Surveillance & observation
• Mobile phone number tracking
• GPS tracking

Bug sweeping specialists

Using high-tech equipment we detect spying, listening and tracking devices such as bugs and hidden cameras.

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We sweep:

• business premises including studios, conference rooms, press offices

• private properties and homes

• vehicles (including cars, boats and planes)

• landline and private home phones

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Technical Surveillance specialists

We hire or install surveillance equipment as hidden cameras and listening devices, under-cover CCTV, GPS tracking devices and surveillance devices. 

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From a hire of a hidden camera for a domestic violence to a complex surveillance project to protect your home or business, at all times we comply with all legal and data requirements.

Collecting evidence

We gather evidence legally and we write reports which are admissible in court for a variety of cases.

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The types of evidence we collect include:

• CCTV footage

• photographic evidence

• documentary evidence

Security consultants

We conducts surveys and technical security evaluations, analyzes results, and provides you recommendations to mitigate risks and improve your existing security protocols.

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As security consultants we specialise in risk assessing your business and operations for potential threats, such as  theft of your intellectual property.

Our consultancy service includes:

• running a security survey to examine your existing security arrangements. We check every thing is in accordance with your security policy

• we test the equipment and procedure to make sure it works and is properly applied

• making recommendations for tightening security to prevent threats or laspses

• sweeping premises to detecting hidden spying equipment eg listening devices (sometimes called ‘bugs’) and hidden cameras

Our services offer reliable and secure solutions to solve your business issues. We treat problems as if they are our own, working closely and collaboratively with our clients to provide practical solutions that fit with their objectives. Shapestones only utilise sophisticated equipment and techniques used by highly-trained operators. We operate in London and UK 24/7. 

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